• First, you get professional pictures from a top-class photographer in Rome, that is, from me. Beautiful, touching, sensual, playful, daring… Only the way you and your other half like it.
  • Secondly, You get acquainted with the Eternal city tete-a-tete. This is a romantic date that will last for several hours and will remain not only in your memory, but also in your personal photo album.
  • Third, you will have a rich tour of the historical places and colorful streets of the capital of Italy. I will reveal the secret secrets of the most beautiful city on earth, show you the unique atmosphere of the corners hidden from the eyes of tourists.
  • Fourth, I create an individual photo tour route for each couple in love, so love story photos in Rome are exclusive. After all, everyone has their own love story, and it is unique!
  • Fifth, Rome will be the setting for the photos, and that says it all. If you want to “like in movies and glossy magazines”. If not only the image is important, but also the content. If you want to write a truly eternal love story-do it in the Eternal city!